Blue Sky

My film is about a girl named Sky who is currently a senior and  lost both of her parents on a plane crash when she was 11. The loss of her parents caused her to want attention and unfortunately she did some things she wasn't suppose to, as a result she was bullied. Sky was full of depression and hoped that one day someone will talk to her and be her friend. Unfortunately, that never happened and she was too shy to talk to anyone so she decided to be isolated. People saw her at school, movie theaters, and parties but acted like she was a ghost. People never dared to ask her if she was okay. One day Sky felt that no one cared for her and hurt herself. Everyone in her school felt guilty as if they were the cause of her disgrace.

Additional Information

Name: Zuleidy Cruz
Age: 16
Clubhouse: The Best Buy Teen Tech Center @ P.F. Bresee Foundation
Location: Los Angeles, CA

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