City of Angels

"This music video was a collaborative effort!

We wrote the lyrics to the song and with help from Clubhouse members, we created the beat. We created the song and wanted to create a music video, so with the help of our Clubhouse Mentors and many of our Clubhouse friends, a storyboard was created, locations were scouted, and filming began. A huge Thank You to everyone who helped create this video and supported our ideas. I am very proud of the project."

Additional Information

Name: Jaylon W., Jaylon W., Daniel C., Myron S., Chloe N., Gisela M., Karina C., Antonio D.
Age: 16, 18, 15, 16, 18, 18, 18
Clubhouse: The EXPO Center Clubhouse
Location: Los Angeles, CA (USA)

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