Discover Your Power

This is a Poster/Campaign I made specifically for Reach Festival and The Best Buy Teen Tech Centers. We tried to think of a way to promote/advertise for the The Best Buy Teen Tech Center and why it's a good place for kids to come.I took some of my close friends and members of the Tech Center who are important people in the space who have specific skill sets that they use when they come after school. I drew every member individually and then tried to enhance their tools to showcase the "Power" it can give them. We almost looked at it as like an Avengers poster but for our specific tech center. The most important meaning of the project is in the title which is "Discover Your Power". The Tech Center is a great place for Kids to come to explore and find out what they are good at. I never knew i could be good at graphic design until i started coming to the center and J.T. started showing me Photoshop and how to use it. So my power is graphic design which i illustrated by drawing myself with spray paint cans. And I drew everybody else with the stuff they are good at.  This took a really long time......

Additional Information

Name: Dredrick Cox
Age: 17
Clubhouse: The Best Buy Teen Tech Center @ HOPE Community
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

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