“I believe in America”

“I believe in America”, are the first words we hear in ‘The Godfather'

This movie one of my inspiration and motivation for me like the cinematic aspects of it, all the high-quality work that went into the process of making them. It's not that it's a "great" film in the sense that it keeps you interested in what's going on, but that it shows a mastery of the art of film production, acting, direction, and so-on. I didn't find it "boring", but it certainly wasn't the most entertaining film I've ever seen either. But I could see where people say it's great, as an example of dedication, care, and sheer skill in all aspects of film-making, especially for its time, where it really would have been seen as a true gem amidst the wave of cheap, low-budget films released in that time. It's the magnum opus of just about everyone involved in it, and I think even though it's not an entirely entertaining film, it deserves much of the praise it gets.

I'm make my dream in this photo

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