Rata And The Tree

'Rata And The Tree' is a traditional story, animated by the members and mentors at Naenae Clubhouse. The animation was created for the Highlight Festival - a light festival in Lower Hutt attended by over a hundred thousand people.

We read through the story together before planning and storyboarding for our animation. Next, we created our characters and settings using paper, material and coloured pens. We used a camera to take photos of each frame, shot above a lightbox moving the characters with each different frame. After we edited each frame together and finished the animation, it was projected against the back of a local church as part of the festival. Tane and Lily recorded a voiceover narration, which was layered over foley and sound effects collected by Brooke.

Enjoy our animation!

Additional Information

Name: Ryan Poole, Whetu Hauiti, Tane Mitchell, Brooke Cherry, Maddoc Cook, Ben Wright, Liam Joseph, Qian-Yun Zeng, Ryan Wright, Remy Townsley
Age: 23, 17, not listed, 13, 10, 12, 14, 12, 10, 13
Clubhouse: The Naenae Clubhouse
Location: Lower Hutt, New Zealand

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