Stand Up!

"Stand Up One day a girl was taking a walk.
A man came up and they started to talk.
He asked for a date, and she said sure.
If only she knew what she was in for. They went on a date and it started out great,
Talking about the things they like and hate.
There were a lot of red flags, but she didn’t care,
She was too busy wondering if they were a good pair. They drove to her place.
She was red in the face.
He asked to get some water,
Her face was getting hotter.
He only had one sip before walking around,
But she only thought that she was safe and sound. A few months later he asks for another,
But she needed to go visit her father.
He started to shout,
And she asks what that’s about.
He threw down a vase,
And shouted in her face. She started to cry,
As she thought to herself.
“This all happened because I asked why.” Her and her friend were talking about that day.
And her friend had something to say.
She said to speak up and to push him away.
But she just sat there and said that she may. She got up the courage and when he called.
She started to say it and she said it all.
He threatened to kill.
But she just stayed chill.
She shut it down once and for all.
Happy with herself.
Safe and sound again.This girl went from struggle to glory,
But the reality is that this is my story. This poem is about a teenager girl who is caught up in a dating violence relationship. She's blaming herself for what's happening to her. Her friends try to help her and talk her through. Finally, she has the courage to stand up for herself and gets out of a bad relationship. Teen dating Violence is a serious situation where most of the time the people in this situation cannot see through the matter as much as the outsiders. We are as outsiders, wanted to let people who got caught in this matter to see that they are not alone. We’re with them! And we hope that they can inspire by our poem and have the courage to stand up for themselves to break the unfortunate cycle that they’re stuck in."

Additional Information

Name: Belen Ertta
Age: 11
Clubhouse: The Southgate Community Center Clubhouse
Location: Reston, VA

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