"We created this audio to generate awareness about the stereotypes that affect men and women every day."


And what do you want? What was she doing in the street at that hour? She is asking for it.
Go change. You dont want people to say things to you.
Who are these guys that you´re with? Ask me first, girl.
Girls are hysterical, they tell you no but really they mean yes.
You already know how to cook, and you can marry.
Go out at night, go out with me.
Oh! He watches me because he loves me.
I don’t control you, I care for you.
Why do you have so many friends? It’s not enough being with me?
Look what you made me do!
When you’re quiet, you’re more pretty.
You punch like a girl.
Hey, girl! Why do you act like that? Look at that girl, you should behave like her, obedient.
Sit like a lady.
When you grow up, you’ll be a good mother.
It would be beautiful if everyone could help to create a happy world.
Stop with the stereotypes.
Each person can make their own opinion based on arguments.
It’s not necessary to think like everyone else
Don’t assume anything from the way someone looks, but the true value of the person.
It’s not necessary to dress yourself or act in some way to be liked.
It’d be possible to live without someone criticizing the way you live.
Don’t make your problems, sadness, traumas more important than what has happened to someone else because the affected person gives it the level of importance, not the spectator.
Education has greater wealth to a person and not material belongings.
Everyone has the same values. It would be ideal to live freely.
In my point of view, this is the life I want.
How would you like to live?

Additional Information

Name: Lucia A.
Age: 13
Clubhouse: The Clubhouse @ Puerta 18
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

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